About Us

What Are We

We are pioneer in the field of Information Technology, Networking, Server support, Data recovery, Inverters, On-Line UPS Systems. Especially chip level debugging and servicing since 1998

What We Offer

Laptop and Desktops, Server Installation and Support cum Maintenance, Online UPS and Inverters, Chiplevel Service for Laptop, Desktops and UPS, Data Recovery and Maintenance, On-Line Service and Support Maintenance, Information Technology Infrastructure Consultancy and Support


What We Can

We do Industry standard Solutions for Hardware and Software Sides also we have long enough experiences in said fields for the continued relationship with our customers


Information Technology

File Servers, Database Engines, Cloud / VPS Support and Services


Computer Service

All kinds of Laptop and Desktops Software and Chip Level Hardware Support


UPS, Inverters & Batteries

All types of Inverters, Battery Chargers, Online UPS, Sales cum Service Support


Data Service
Chip Level