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About us:

We are the pioneers in Nameology. This Nameology system was used by King Solomon. That's why We kept the name as King Solomon We have done extensive research on this subject. It is an excellent formula for the Name science. It is totally unique. To find and understand the valuable system you visit our website.

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God created this world for man kind to enjoy and lead a happy life with certain principles. Vibration(Energy) is one of the Principle. Earth is full of vibrations, as positive and negative. Man filled with positive(Vibration) energy will lead a happy and successful life in every part. This is one of the reason for success in human life.What ever ordained by the GOD in your life as good can be enjoyed by this method to its maximum.

 Like crossing the river by holding a wooden piece & crossing by Boat. King Solomon Nameology is like a Boat.

 Hot sun radiating Heat.You can be protected by airkon. You will not suffer by Heat but you can enjoy Cool environment. King Solomon Nameology is like airkon

 You may travel by Road, Rail, Flight. King Solomon Nameology is like Flight. You may be fast in taking good decisions.

 If name is not matching, It means You are swimming in river opposite to water current(against water flow).

King Solomon Nameology will lead you from narrow road to super highways.

Man’s date of birth is very important in his life. He cannot change. His date of birth vibration should match with name vibration then only Positive vibration will be more. In name every letter got a numerical vibration as below:


Mostly people form their name as per numerology. Numerology is nothing but mathematical calculation. Even after forming the name in a good number as per numerology they may not get full result because the normal numerology in practice is not a full pledged one.

The solution lice in King Solomon Nameology. This system formed and utilised by King Solomon. This is one of the reason for King Solomons success in every part of life along with Gods Wisdom&Blessings. In King Solomon method the calculation method is totally different.

Numerology 30%. King Solomon method 70%. Combination of both matching result only will bring maximum success in every part of life. Money making is not alone wealth. Happiness cannot be purchased by Money.

Wealth means fullfilment in SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL and MATERIAL forms.

In BIBLE the Name changes referred as


  SARAI become SARAH

  Saul became Paul

  Simon became Peter

After their name change they got full of blessings from Almighty GOD.

The choice of name is important to a Muslim and the Prophet changed the names of some of his friends when he thought them Unmerited,unfortunate,ugly or insulting.He frequently changed people’s names especially when they had become known by an unkind nickname, or a name that implied pagan worship. There is a meaning in the Name. In modern World so many people changed their Names. After that they are blessed Spiritually, Physically and Materially.